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Jewelry Sales And Service

Jewelry has been important to civilization almost from the beginning of human time. Jewelry is extensively used to adorn the wearer and symbolize certain interpersonal relationships and religious affiliations. Many societies, including our own, also use jewelry to display and store wealth and status. Jewelry can be used functionally to clasp clothes, pin hair, buckle important things, etc... Many societies consider certain jewelry and symbols to possess magical or curative powers. 100,000 year old Nassarius shell beads are the oldest jewelry found to date.

Costume Jewelry

The term is often used to describe beads, stones or metals that have been fashioned into faux jewelry. The materials used to make costume jewelry are usually of little or new real value. The purpose behind the creation of costume jewelry is often to create items of body adornment that ...

Cubic Zirconia

As an inexpensive alternative to real diamonds, cubic zirconia has gained popularity. The process by which CZ is synthesized is similar to how Mother Nature makes a diamond. Diamonds are carbon that have been subjected to heat and pressure over millions of years. CZ is manufactured but the process takes ...

Sports Jewelry is Always a Winner

The thrill of victory is often accompanied by receiving a piece of commemorative jewelry. From the World Series of Baseball to the Super Bowl of the National Football League, sports jewelry is coveted and very collectable. Rings and other jewelry awarded to professional athletes are rare commodities. Possessing a Super ...

Celtic Jewelry is Steeped in History

All cultures throughout history have placed a significant importance to symbols. Long before the development of modern communications, ancient cultures used symbols as a way to share information. The ancient Celts left behind a long history of symbolism and artistry that endures today. The Celts are though to be the ...

Children Drawn to the Sparkle of Jewelry

Observing how a baby reacts to visual stimuli and it is easy to see how jewelry gets the attention of children and adults alike. Beauty, color and shine are universal attractants not limited to humans. Many species of animals and insects all react and respond to visual cues that often ...