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    For centuries, turquoise has been an important part of mythology and metaphysical belief systems the world over. Ancient and modern cultures have held this stone in high regard as a symbol of power and spirituality. From Native American cultures to the Persians and indigenous people of South America, these stones have represented both good and bad fortune.

    For example, in certain Middle Eastern cultures changes in the stones color, which is often brought on by the transfer of body heat or skin oils to the stone have been thought to be an omen or precursor of sudden death. Most cultures have ascribed good fortune and healing properties to turquoise. In Native American cultures, the stone are thought to represent a strong connection between earth and the heavens.

    These magnificent stones are some of the most popular in the world. Though most stones used in jewelry have been treated to enhance their appearance and durability, this does not take away from their value and beauty. The value of these is measured by the depth of color and often by the appearance of crystal streaks and specks that highlight many stones. Turquoise has long been manufactured synthetically so buyers must be wary of stones that are offered at a budget price. Several naturally occurring minerals are also used as substitutes for turquoise including amazonite, hemamorphite, howlite and magnesite.

    Derived from the French word to Turkish, turquoise can be found in many parts of the world. Ancient and indigenous cultures have long considered these stones very powerful and highly prized. Turquoise can be found in abundance in areas of the American Southwest, the Middle East, Australia and areas of South America.

    Likewise, in the New Age Community, the stone is thought to have the ability to cleanse and purify the mind, body and the spirit, while others follow more closely the belief that the stone can be a predictor of bad luck and infidelity. This stone has long been recognized as the birthstone of the month of December and has been associated with the astrological birth sign of Taurus.