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    Jewelry Website For Sale

    Jewelry Website For Sale

    This jewelry website is for sale. It may be available for $95,000. Why would you buy this site when you could just build your own? Excellent question and I have answers.

    My company specializes in selling domain names. We also, as time permits, develop certain sites that we feel have exceptional potential. The jewelry industry, especially on the internet, is a huge profitable business bringing in tens of millions of dollars. It is so difficult for an established retailer to jump into internet commerce and actually generate traffic and sales in a reasonable amount of time. That is where we come in.

    There is so much internet competition that it is currently almost impossible to make any splash at all in a reasonable amount of time. Google has a sandbox which means you get to sit and cool your heels for months before they even consider letting searchers see your site. The longer the site has been up and running the more valuable it is. Many search engines, Google included, value longetivity of websites. They also value deep content, many articles and keywording. Search engines also value links and lots of them. And please don't forget that search engines value style, look and correct html.

    This jewelry website is for sale and the value of it to a serious jewlery marketer wanting to join the internet business is many fold. First of all we have had this site up for a while, which adds historical value. Second, we have had a professional writer develop many keyword rich jewelry articles as spider bait for search engines. Third, we have submitted some of these articles to be picked up by other sites in exchange for one way links back to us, very good for search standing. Fourth, we have added an in house researched list of retail jewelry stores, jewelry repair, etc. to help add content. Additionally, some of these listed businesses update their free listings which adds fresh content automatically and some even pay for enhanced listing through Paypal. Fourth, we add a free jewelry classified section which again generates fresh content, user participation and fees for enhanced ads.

    You can probably buy this site for $95,000. Oh, and the domain name we use is good and full of jewelry keywords as well. Contact us through the contact info at the main navigation bar of this site.